Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer Tournament!

Coaches, please stop in to tabroom to check in for your team. Tabroom (Open at 7:45 AM EST)

In round support: email dogdays@squirrelnest.net or text 267-961-2013


Judges Lounge (Students, please do not enter)

Lincoln-Douglas Competitors Lounge

Policy Debate Competitors Lounge

Public Forum Competitors Lounge

Speech and World Schools Competitors Lounge

Lincoln-Douglas Rooms Policy Rooms Public Forum Rooms Speech Rooms World Schools Rooms
Room LD-01
Room LD-02
Room LD-03
Room LD-04
Room LD-05
Room LD-06
Room LD-07
Room LD-08
Room LD-09
Room LD-10
Room LD-11
Room LD-12
Room LD-13
Room LD-14
Room LD-15
Room LD-16
Room LD-17
Room LD-18
Room LD-19
Room LD-20
Room LD-21
Room LD-22
Room LD-23
Room LD-24
Room LD-25

Room CX-01
Room CX-02
Room CX-03
Room CX-04
Room CX-05
Room CX-06
Room CX-07
Room CX-08
Room CX-09
Room CX-10
Room PF-01
Room PF-02
Room PF-03
Room PF-04
Room PF-05
Room PF-06
Room PF-07
Room PF-08
Room PF-09
Room PF-10
Room PF-11
Room PF-12
Room PF-13
Room PF-14
Room PF-15
Room PF-16
Room PF-17
Room PF-18
Room PF-19
Room PF-20
Room PF-21
Room PF-22
Room PF-23
Room PF-24
Room PF-25
Room IE-01
Room IE-02
Room IE-03
Room IE-04
Room IE-05
Room IE-06
Room IE-07
Room IE-08
Room IE-09
Room IE-10
Room IE-11
Room IE-12
Room IE-13
Room IE-14
Room IE-15
Room IE-16
Room IE-17
Room IE-18
Room IE-19
Room IE-20
Room WSD-01
Room WSD-02
Room WSD-03
Room WSD-04
Room WSD-05
Room WSD-06
Room WSD-07
Room WSD-08
Room WSD-09
Room WSD-10